“My STEP experience is one of the other life events that made my 2019 year very special. I had really great expectations but at the end of the internship I realised that it was much more greater than I thought. STEP was not just trainsheep, it was the process of professional and personal improvement, making friends and family very very far from my country. It was great pleasure to be part of STUDIA IURIS great team. Daily I felt that the word “thank you” was not enough at all to express my feelings. At the end I want to say thanks to all people that gave me opportunity to be STEP-er. Thank you ELSA Macerata, especially Mariangela and Lucia, girls you are great STEP team. 
Dear ELSA members, take my advice and try to get STEP experience, it is the best thing that ELSA member can do for himself.”

Nutsa Burduladze

STEP presso Studia Iuris Avvocati di Fermo